There were many times in our house that
we would be in the family room downstairs
and hear someone walking around upstairs.
When Jason was little he used to be afraid
to go upstairs alone at night.
He was afraid of whatever it
was that was up there….
I told him he never had to worry…
because his grandmother (who was passed)
would never let any ghost harm him
He knew this was true….
so he wasn’t afraid after that.
It was just so cute…he would ask
“are you going upstairs for anything”
my poor baby….lol

The room that my computer is in
my Alaskan Malamute Bobby would stand
in the hallway with his hair standing straight
up growling and he would not come in….
he wanted to let me know something
was in there with me…but he wasn’t coming in…
and he would have given his life for me
and I knew it…
Even Bud had to be in bed
before I got in….
because once I was in bed…
NO ONE got in the bedroom.

While I'm on my Malamute Bobby....
I always called him my child with hair
We had to have him put to sleep
and if you have ever had to do this to
a beloved animal you know it does
feel like murder. But it was the right
thing to do for him.
The day after.....
Jason and I both heard him in
my bedroom. There was no mistaking it
It was Bobby
I guess he was letting us know he
was alright and he forgave us
A couple weeks later
he came back and put dog bones
in my husband's boot and in my shoe
I still have that bone

Angels in my kitchen….

During Christmas break oh about 1995
I was just getting ready to start reading
An angel book I had picked up
on a school field trip.
Bud had left for work so it
was probably 6:00 a.m.
I had just taken my coffee cup
and put in next to the pot
and I was walking back to the living room
so I could sit and read…..
well walking across the kitchen floor
my foot slipped out from under me
and I started to fall.
Just as this happened I said “Oh GOD”
and as I said this….
I felt someone on both sides of me.
I went to the floor…
but I didn’t HIT the floor.
It was like I was gently placed
on the floor.
All I could Say was WOW….
I knew it had to be
my angels that helped me.
I couldn't get that smile off my face for weeks.

Angels on Katy

Katy was my old horse….
and this was her last ride ever.
She was 30 and still loved to go.
My friend Kathy had come down to ride
with me and we took the horses out
to what is referred as “low water” here.
It was a beautiful fall day….
We had a great ride…we were
Going back to the trailer and on the way back…
we had to cross the water again.
It’s cement and with the water
it has a lot of moss and it's slick.
We were just going into the water
when Katy slipped and fell….
all I could think of was the beautiful horse
hurting herself…and me too….
so as she was falling I said…Oh God….
and from that point on
It was like slow motion….
all the way down.
When she stopped falling I was able
to stay right on her as she got up…..
all this was in SLOW MOTION.
Kathy was behind us…
and she asked…..
”How did you do that”
she watched this happen in slow motion.
I asked her what it looked like
from her point of view…and she said…
It was incredible….Katy was not hurt…
I was not hurt and all of this on cement…
God truly is Awesome…..
He sent me angels
to keep my old girl safe…..
and this old girl too.

Angels on the highway

I was coming home from a
ride on the mountain.
It was late fall and I was just
Cruising around the “bypass” to head up
the hill to home speed was about 55.
When all of a sudden…the truck
in front of me stopped pulling to the left center
of the road and the car
beside coming down the ramp from town stopped.
the car coming towards me stopped too
but it was just dark enough for me not to see
the deer ahead on the road.
There was a herd of deer crossing in
The intersection. There is no way I could have stopped…
not with a horse in the trailer I was pulling…..
but I have always asked God to protect the animals…
there are so many
Beautiful creatures that die because someone hits them….
So again I said “Oh God”
and I have no idea how I didn’t hit the deer
that was directly ahead of me on the road….
this too was like slow motion…..
all of a sudden the deer was right there…
in the middle of the road…
directly in front of my truck…..
but there was no hit…
no animal died that night
I have no idea where it went….
but it didn’t end up on my hood…
and it was right in the middle of the road….
I remember thinking twilight zone…
because it was like that…
everything stopped…and I drove on…
not hurting anything.

I wanted so much to “see” Jason.
I was bewildered by the fact
That all my life I had Angels
and Spirits around me.
Why couldn’t I see Jason.
All I asked was for a “dream”
I just wanted to hold him.
Oh I had that awful dream
that most of us have….
him lying in a coffin.
and in this dream….
I knew he had passed…
but he walked down a hill with Me
and yet I knew he was gone….
None of this registered in my mind.
It was a horrible dream

This was the only dream that
I had for a very long time…
About 10 months.
then one night I was in
a waiting room…
everything was pure white…
but it had huge windows in..
no glass...just windows….
so I could watch what was going on…
somehow I knew I was
there to “see” Jason.
Someone passed the doorway that
I recognized and they looked in and saw me…
they stopped and poked their head in….
to say hi….
and that Jason would be just a couple minutes
they went on…they said they had important
Business to attend to….
I knew this person had passed.
I don’t know if I spent any time
with Jason that night….
I don’t remember. I just know I kept
Asking to see him walking and talking again…..
Then it happened…..
I was in an old house and there were many rooms.
I have Been in this house
many times in dreams….
this time I saw Jason ….
and I kept Asking him how he was…..
and he just said
“You see me walking and talking Don’t you”
I knew I had got my prayer answered.

Like I said before…
I have had Spirits and Angels
around me all my life.
I thought everyone did.
So after Jason’s passing….
I went in search of where he was
and what he was doing…
I went to every mediumship website
that offered reading….
just hoping that some how he would show up….
well he didn’t until after I had the dream…
but I did have a reading before that….
and he told me he contacted Jason….
I didn’t feel he did…
but he certainly had my Mother and Dad.
I guess Jason was still learning then..

Within a couple months of Jason’s passing
I became a co-host at in Bereaved Parents chat…
and I did that for almost 4 years….
Susan left and I asked if Pauline
would be willing to help
so she became my co-host.
I turned the chat over to
her very capable hands.
She is still there every Wednesday evening.
I stop in now and then…
but it’s not like the old days.
We would get huge crowds in.
because like me....
everyone was looking for free readings
Back then there was a lot going on all over the web.

Before to long I met Natalie…. she connected with Jason right away.
He came through Loud and clear…
and he would bring others with him…
so their “Moms” could hear from
Their child too…
I went from one reading to another…
and Jason and I both got pretty
Good at connecting….
I had fabulous readings with Natalie,
Ocallah, Diane Wilson, and
Even a “mini” John Edward in a chat rooms.
About this time….
Diane Wilson was just starting
Her website and
I won a free reading with her….
she is an awesome Medium.
I also joined the first class
for “mediumship”
yes we all have the Ability to do this.
Then I went on to the advanced class…..
it was great fun and I learned a lot…..
Now I just got to webpages...
and wait unitl it's my turn to go home.

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