I was born in western Pennsylvania in the little town of Beaver.
I was the last of 6 (5 surviving) children.
The oldest child Alice Rose Died of phenomena at the age of 18 months.
Now... I know that my Parents never got over this loss…..
she was their first born.

We lived out in “the stick” ….it’s the suburbs now…
but it was sticks When I was little. Being the youngest
I usually had someone to play with. But when they were all in school….
I was alone and I would play in the backyard
With some little girl….we would crawl around
on what I thought was a rock…I was About 3…
and this little girl would come just to play with me.
I never questioned It…I was just happy to have
someone to play with. Then one day the
little girl didn’t come back. …………..

During the Korean War my mother worked in a chemical plant….
just until the guy got Home. I still wasn’t
in school yet….she worked the night shift so she could be home
in time to get everyone off to school….. one morning Mom called
from work to say she was not relieved yet
and that she would be a couple hours late. I could hear the consern
In her voice…she knew I would be alone for one of those hours.
She told me to bring The puppies in (we had a liter of puppies on our back porch)
she knew I would be happy with puppies. Out on the back porch
there was a beautiful lady that glowed…..but she
Didn’t come in the house when the puppies did…..
I was playing with the puppies on the dining room floor
and I could see this lady in the hall way….
I never questioned who she was
or how she Got there….
I was a little kid….I didn’t question anything.
She was gone when my mother got home….but then I knew she would be.
I knew she was there just for me.

Time went on…I started school…..and one morning
we were all getting ready for school when I passed out……
I could see my Dad run in the living room….shaking me…
then he gave me what I later learned
to be mouth to mouth resuscitation
I remember him saying “we can’t lose another one
please God not another one” I woke up then
and being little I never questioned why or how I was able to see this.
We had a coal furnace and they think that it backed up into the house
because I was the smallest I was the only one that it had any effect on….
I know now that it’s a miracle we all lived through that.

After I learned to read….I was with my mother when
she bought a couple flats of flowers.
I knew they were for “flag day”
I just didn’t realize what that meant.
Then she went to take the flowers to the cemetery for Memorial Day.
I was shocked to See “the rock”
that I used to play on in the back yard.
It had the same little lamb on it. It Had my sisters name on it….
I could read it now. At this time…it still didn’t sink in “who” I used to play with.

We had a “favorite” swimming hole that we would go to in the summer.
My mother was afraid of water…so she just sat
in the car to watch all of us. There was this hole that
we would sit in to see who could stay under the longest….
One hot summer day I was in the Hole seeing if I could stay under the longest….
While I was down there ….I could feel someone with me….
and it felt good just to sit there with whomever this was.
Then she told me I had to go now….but when I got out of the water….
everyone was gone…even my mother was not in the car….
I found out that they were all looking for me….
They thought someone had stolen me or that I had somehow drown….
and they all got very mad when I said I was in the hole
Holding my breath…..my mother told me that it was
impossible for me to have been down there that long….
but down there I was.

After that my life got busy….just growing up….
then one day I discovered a ghost in our House.
(This was before Jason was born, so it was pre 1974)
I was sitting on the sofa watching “late night horror show” when
I saw a ghost walk out of Lad’s bedroom into our bedroom where Bud was sleeping.
Lad was spending the night at my mothers so he was not home.
Thought it must have been my imagination.
So…Went to bed….next day we are picking up Lad at my mothers when I said about the ghost.
Bud said that is really weird.
He had been putting carpet in our bathroom when he saw something go past the door….
He thought it was the cat ….so he got up to go let the cat out….
The cat was already outside. I was not home at the time this happened.
He had gone to bed early and didn’t think of it again until I said about the ghost.
A couple nights later a side piece of a mirror that
framed a picture above our bed fell off the frame…
stabbing Bud in the chest. If he had not had
his arms over his eyes…it would have got his face.
After that I put up a hex sign in the hall way….
and traded my sister in law a 8 track tape of Helen Ready….
telling her the ghost went with it….it did…but that’s their story....
and they have some "ghost" storied of their own.

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