Easter is always the hardest holiday for me.
Jason was buried on Thursday
the week before "Good Friday"
so it always brings back memories. Some years I did ok for Easter...
and some years it was very hard to get through the day.
This must have been 2003.
Jason loved Snickers and the peanut butter eggs.
I had not gotten to the store to buy candy until
a day or two before Easter.....
So the snicker eggs were all gone....
I was so counting on Jason "passing through" for a bite...
I know...your saying...she is totally off the deep end...
but Jason never lets me down....
he always lets me know he IS around...
and he will always be....
So anyway....there were no snicker eggs for that year.
I went to bed....and when I got up
on the nightstand beside my bed was
a crumbled up snicker wrapper...
by the way...the nightstand was made by
Jason when he was in high school.

I have home videos with orbs dancing
around my living room.
When my grandkids were playing with B.J.
our dog. B.J. always saw spirits.
I always thought HE was sent to me
to help me when Jason passed.
I would not have made it without him....
He is the angel that God sent me.
He would be sitting on the couch or the stool
and something would fly over him...
and you could track it with his eye direction.
It was cool. Anyway...
the orbs/spirits would dance very quickly around the
room while the kids and B.J. played.
A couple of years ago my son Lad bought me a digital camera
I was trying to catch the lights of
the Christmas Village under out tree.
If you look to the right...in the middle of the
table you can see a large orb.
Close up it looks like a smiley face is on it.

I have other pictures of orbs that I
have taken but this one is the only one that apprears
to have a face on...one photo has many orbs.
I will locate this photo
and place it here too.

our loved ones go to great length
to make sure we know they are with us...
I'm sure I told you before...
my husband gets dimes from Jason...
while we were on vacation in September(2005)
I had to do some laundry in the motor home...
so I asked my husband to check the dryer filter
because it took the towels forever to dry...
We rarely use the dryer...
so it was never checked since we gotten this motor home
you have to pull the filter out of the bottom
when the water starts running in the top..
he got down there to clean it out...
there was no lint...
but right there in the lint tube...
he found a dime..
there is absolutely no way a dime could have
accidently gotten there.....;O)
I also found a dime at a gas station....
it was right outside our door...
I don't find many dimes...
but I found this one...

~October 2005~
My husband and son went hunting for the weekend
so I was able to get some computer work done.
I had gotten up early....as usual
worked all day long on the computer.
and in the middle of the afternoon...
(next to the computer room is my bedroom)
I heard a loud fart..........now remember
I'm the only one home...
we don't have any pets...nothing in the house
but me....and I was in the other room.
This isn't the first time this had happened.
Long ago...in the beginning of communications
there was odor. That was Jason's sense of humor.
I was in a chat room and had gotten up
left the room for something and when
I got back... you could smell someone
had been there. The dog was sleeping on my bed
Bud was in the family room downstairs
watching television.
no one had been in this room
while I was gone....well no one physical.

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~"Sets By Andy"~ All Rights Reserved